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Excellence in Winemaking

We build premium wines from vineyards grown between the Majestic Coastal Mountains and the Pacific Ocean surf. This area is recognized worldwide for its distinctive locale and ideal environment for wine-making. Planted in rich soil, our varietal grapes are warmed by the California sun and cooled by the afternoon sea breezes. Within these perfect growing conditions — neither too hot during summer nor too cold during winter — our vineyards thrive and flourish to produce exceptional wine grapes of supreme quality.

We have created wines with the highest degree of excellence in quality and taste. Our love and passion are evident in every glass. It not only takes time to produce a very fine wine, but all of the above conditions, to bear the name Cedarpines®.

Our Wines

Monterey County is located south of San Francisco along the Pacific Coastline. Many wine buyers are unaware that Monterey County has the longest growing season of all the wine regions in California. The supreme combination of rich California sunshine and location sheltered by coastal ridges that channel the cool morning fog and afternoon Pacific breezes, provide the perfect environment for a longer growing season. This allows our grapes to mature very slowly over a longer season of well-balanced temperate conditions which create a notable difference in taste and character. The main source for our wine production comes from vineyards planted in Monterey County during the early 1970s.

Our company seal bears our Latin Motto “Virtute de Labour” which means “Virtue through Labor” – You can taste and enjoy it in our entire selection of wines.

Real Fruit Wines — Real Fruit and Grapes — No Corn Syrup

All of our fruit wines are made from only 100% natural fruit and fresh pressed/crushed grapes. There are NO added artificial flavors, colors, citric acids, or sugars. Our entire line of fruit wines are all produced through a process of fermentation under the careful watch of winemakers, much like our high-quality, 100% grape-based wines. Striking the proper balance of 100% natural real fruit and wine of optimal quality translates into spectacular fruit wines that enliven your senses of smell and taste. Best served cold or on ice, you are immediately aware of the rich natural aroma and character of real fruit and real grapes enjoyed in every glass.