Cedarpines Winery


Photos of Cedarpines Winery and Monterey County.

Cedarpines by the Vineyards

Beautiful Cedarpines in a slightly foggy morning.

Lone Cypress at Monterey Point

The Lone Cypress, a symbol of the community, as seen from 17-Mile Drive.

Morning Fog

Morning fog that frequently visits the coast of California.

Morning Mist in Big Sur

The morning mist lifting from a remote valley in Big Sur, California.

Big Sur Coast

Sunset at Big Sur, California

Cabernet Sauvignon

Tannic and earthy; pairs well with fatty red meats.


Fresh green grapes make this white, oaky wine perfect for most dishes.


A popular red wine with raspberry, strawberry and leafy notes. Pairs well with grilled and charred meats.

Pinot Noir

A medium-bodied red wine once described as the most romantic wine.


Our tropical wine, exotic and adventurous.

Blackberry Wine

A large, sweet and juicy wine.

Strawberry Wine

An instant crowd-pleaser. Dry with a distinct and agreeable flavor.

Peach Wine

Dry and just sweet enough to balance the alcohol and acidity.

Pomegranate Wine

Fresh and tangy, with an intense aroma.

Blueberry Wine

Sweet and heavy, with high antioxidant values.